Intellectsoft acquires Mobile Roadie, offering more comprehensive app publishing platform

mobile roadie intellectsoft

Mobile app development and marketing platform Mobile Roadie has been acquired by Intellectsoft for an undisclosed amount. Mobile Roadie combines an app building platform with a publishing platform, helping developers manage all aspects of creating and releasing an app.

Intellectsoft’s CTO Nick Lastovenko, said:


“Mobile Roadie was the first to bring self-service app development to the masses, and that spirit of simplicity still shines through in their work today. Our enterprise expertise will help clients confidently tackle more ambitious customizations, but we are committed to preserving intuitive mobile experiences for every user.”

Mobile Roadie has been acquired by Intellectsoft


Uri Soroka, COO at Intellectsoft, added:


“Mobile Roadie has grown into much more than an easy-to-use app builder over the past few years. What they have now is a comprehensive publishing platform that boosts app performance with dynamic mobile marketing campaigns. Beacon technology, action triggers, gamification — all the weapons today’s publishers want in their arsenals.”

You can learn more about Intellectsoft here, or visit Mobile Roadie’s site here.