Grubhub Revenue and Usage Statistics (2024)

In the early 2000s in New York and Chicago, two groups of people had the same idea: What if we could order takeout online? In New York, this idea formed into Seamless. In Chicago, it became Grubhub. At the time, ordering food was a hassle. People were restricted by what menus they had lying about, and paying by card meant reading out numbers on the phone. Grubhub and Seamless both changed that by uploading restaurant menus online and storing card information, making the process a lot easier. Both charged restaurants 10 percent commission for every order, although that has since risen to more than 30 percent in some cases. For the first decade, Grubhub and Seamless dominated in their respective markets, but began to encroach … Continue reading Grubhub Revenue and Usage Statistics (2024)