Zoom app removes Facebook SDK integration over privacy concerns

Anne Freier | March 31, 2020

App Business

Popular video app and platform Zoom has removed an option to login via Facebook from its iOS app after it became apparent that Facebook was collecting user information.

According to an analysis by Motherboard, the app was sending user information to Facebook even where users did not have an account.

This information includes user device data and mobile network data as well as information on their operating system.

Because of the Facebook SDK integration, the Zoom app would notify Facebook after it was launched and share the details of the individual users.

“I think users can ultimately decide how they feel about Zoom and other apps sending beacons to Facebook, even if there is no direct evidence of sensitive data being shared in current versions,” Will Strafach, the founder of iOS app Guardian told Motherboard in a tweet.

This week, Zoom finally took the step to take down the integration.

“Our customers’ privacy is incredibly important to us, and therefore we decided to remove the Facebook SDK in our iOS client and have reconfigured the feature so that users will still be able to log in with Facebook via their browser,” the company said in a statement.

“We sincerely apologize for the concern this has caused, and remain firmly committed to the protection of our users’ privacy. We are reviewing our process and protocols for implementing these features in the future to ensure this does not happen again.”

To ensure that Zoom is no longer collecting your data, users must upgrade to the latest Zoom iOS app.

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