Zero app developer Big Sky Health raises $8 million

Anne Freier | May 21, 2020

App Deals

Big Sky Health, the company behind fasting app Zero, meditation app Oak and alcohol consumption monitor Less, has just announced the completion of a Series A funding round worth $8 million.

Founded by Mike Maser, an entrepreneur who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and successfully attempted fasting as a way to help beat the disease, the company raised a total of $12.2 million to date.

Participating investors included True Ventures and Trinity Ventures.

According to the company, Zero has some 25,000 downloads per day as intermittent fasting has taken off.

To help users make the most of their fasting experiences, Zero also added a Plus version of the app that provides science-based content for users serious about improving their health.

It’s a more personalised way to fast.

In addition, Zero has been extending its social and group fasting features to increase engagement.

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