YuMe launches immersive mobile vertical video format


Source YuMe

Brand video advertising software and audience data provider YuMe, has just rolled out a new mobile advertising format. With immersive mobile vertical video, brands and advertisers can easily customise their video ads to fit more naturally into the mobile experience. The video ads come in portrait mode to fit the full screen.
An unnamed North American furniture retailer is among the first to have tested the new feature with a campaign directed at a millennial audiences.
Indeed, there’s been a steep increase in interest for vertical but also 360-degree video among advertisers and marketers. This likely points toward mobile users seeking more immersive experiences. Immersive video ads on mobile have been shown to drive ROI and engagement rates. Snapchat recently highlighted that vertical video adverts deliver up to nine times more completed views than horizontal ads.
YuMe’s new mobile video ad format lends support for original content, and adapts existing landscape video creative to fit Android and iOS operating systems.
Tripp Boyle, VP of Emerging Platforms, YuMe, explains:
tripp boyle

“Snapchat ignited the market for vertical video, and ever since we’ve seen a rapid and steady rise in adoption by leading apps and social platforms, primarily due to favorable consumer response to its more natural, immersive experience within mobile and app content. YuMe is proud of its continued leadership as one of the first to enable clients to leverage this innovation. It’s all part of our audience-first strategy — helping marketers reach and influence consumers where they are, in the manner they prefer.”

Among the main benefits of vertical video are the option to customise formats at zero additional creative costs.
The IAB-compliant MRAID standard ad format can be viewed on mobile apps via the YuMe SDK to improve reach and deliver campaigns at scale. In addition, cross-screen campaigns can be more easily integrated.

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