YouTube is testing short-form video recording to rival TikTok

Anne Freier | June 29, 2020

App Business

YouTube is apparently testing a new feature in its mobile app which would allow users to record and share short-form videos.

The company announced the test on its support site, saying it would be a way for creators to share clips more directly via the app.

Stepping into TikTok territory, the YouTube videos are a maximum of 15 seconds in length.

Selected users should be seeing a new feature pop up on the app called ‘create a video’.

To create a video they simply hold and release the record button.

For now, a small number of people have been invited to test the feature on Android and iOS.

It’s not entirely clear whether the content could be monetised in the future, but given the rapidly growing success of competitor TikTok, it seems YouTube is desperate to catch up.

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