YouTube changes the way it counts TrueView video ad conversions

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. October 18, 2018

YouTube has announced changes to its attribution model for TrueView, specifically for action ads to more accurately examine the “relationship between video ad exposure and conversions”.

The company revealed that attribution had been changed to a 10 second time frame. Effectively, this means that the Google-owned video platform now counts ad engagements if a user watches at least 10 seconds of a TrueView action video ads.

Prior to the changes, the attribution time frame was 30 seconds.

Furthermore, the company said it would now count conversions where a user decides to take action within three days following viewing an ad – down from 30 days.

However, if a user clicks on the advert, YouTube will continue to attribute engagements within the default 30 days.

The company said that the changes more accurately reflected conversion counting, faster ramp up times for CPA campaigns and overall improved reporting.