Younger generations increasingly use Instagram for news

Anne Freier | June 22, 2020

App Business

Instagram is becoming an increasingly popular source for news and could soon overtake Twitter, according to research from Reuters Institute Digital News.

The shift is driven by younger generations and people under 25 years, two-thirds of whom say they use the popular imaging app to consume news.

Just 28% use dedicated news apps or websites.

And those aged 18 to 24 years were twice as likely to check news via social media apps.

However, Facebook still leads with 36% of social media users checking it for their news update, followed by YouTube (21%) and WhatsApp (16%). Twelve percent used Twitter compared to 11% using Instagram.

Traditionally, Instagram has been used more predominantly to share images and for marketing and branding purposes.

But its Stories features may have made it easier for publishers to share updates.

The study also found that only 14% of people in the US trusted the news on social media compared to 22% on search engines.

Among social platforms, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter ranked highest for trust. Instagram was second to last ahead of WhatsApp in terms of trust.

But when it comes to news consumption across verticals like Online, TV, print and social, social media is the only source that has attracted continued growth.

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