Younger Facebook users are increasingly discussing their news items elsewhere

Anne Freier | September 18, 2018

Mobile Advertising

Social media users are increasingly turning away from Facebook to discuss news items via messaging apps. According to a report by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism conducted by Kantar Media, social media users aged 20 to 45 years were still using Facebook for news at least weekly.

According to the findings, Facebook is said to have “reached a peak” as a news platform with people accessing the platform to check the news declining to 52% from 67% in 2014 in Brazil.

Meanwhile, just 39% of Americans accessed Facebook weekly for news compared to 48% in 2017. Facebook usage was overall lower in the UK (27%) and Germany (24%).

The report said:

“Users’ growing collection of more distant acquaintances, and the expanded content mix of brands and advertising, have diluted the experience for many people, requiring them to become more discriminating in the way they use the platform. As news gained traction, and brand marketing grew, the posting of content by ordinary users began to be squeezed out.”

The study also asked users to describe Facebook in words, which included “professional”, but also terms such as “sociopath” and “mid-life crisis”.

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