YouAppi upgrades OneRun advertising platform to achieve greater lifetime value in mobile customers

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Apps analytics and marketing company YouAppi has launched a new version of its OneRun platform to include a post-install analytics dashboard to help drive mobile customer acquisition and gain lifetime users.
OneRun by YouAppi offers a wealth of new features
Moshe Vaknin, Founder and CEO, YouAppi, says:

“With most apps today being free, developers and marketers pay for installs but earn nothing. Yet the technology exists to monitor user patterns – post-install events – in order to understand which user types coming from which traffic sources have the greatest lifetime customer value.”

The new features include a Post-install Events Dashboard to gain valuable insights into real-time user usage patterns as well as a Media Planning Manager which can create, manage and track IOs through OneRun. YouAppi has also added a Campaign Performance Dashboard which enables publishers to keep track of their campaign’s progress and Inventory Analysis through which advertisers can view YouAppi’s inventory. Vaknin adds:

“Though many mobile marketers are focused on generating the install, that’s only the beginning of the customer journey. We needed to develop a robust solution that will help YouAppi and our Advertisers and Publishers track and manage the complex KPIs for each campaign, ultimately identifying the app’s most profitable customers. And for each app, those KPIs will be different. This updated version of OneRun provides the tools to find the users with the greatest customer lifetime value.”

A report by Gartner from March 2015 confirms that user retention is key if app providers wish to stay ahead of the competition. A stronger focus on retention strategies should be part of the developmental campaign process. Indeed, Vaknin finds that the number of times an app is accessed within the first few days after install is the most significant post-install event. Historical data is also critical in determining lifetime value. He says:

“Because usage patterns change, historical data is necessary in order to predict customer lifetime value. (…) The smart app marketer who is monitoring user acquisition costs in real-time will know exactly which channels are delivering the best customers with the highest customer lifetime value.”

In addition to its self-serve features, YouAppi works directly with customers to analyse their post-install events to determine top drivers for greater value. YouAppi was founded in 2011 and has offices in New York, San FranciscoLondon, and Tel Aviv.

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