YouAppi updates mobile user acquisition Matching Algorithm

Mobile app platform YouAppi recently updated its Matching Algorithm that targets mobile prospects from the launch of a mobile user acquisition campaign.
The Matching Algorithm matches an app ad to the right user based on analysis of the advertiser’s app DNA and targeted user cohorts. YouAppi hopes to help developers acquire more mobile users this way, by targeting them based on post-install event analysis.
An app’s DNA is determined through its characteristics such as category, sub-category, keywords, target regions etc. Cohorts are based on user behaviour and patterns that match the app.
The updated algorithm ensures that clients of YouAppi’s OneRun platform accurately target consumers with the right apps.
In comparison to similar offerings, YouAppi says its user acquisition solution is based on three-years of historical data aggregation from over 15,000 campaigns on over 3,500 apps and sites as well as 1.5bn mobile profiles. Data is non-PII, derived from actions and post-install events with apps downloaded via YouAppi.
Eyal Hilzenrat, VP Products & Partnerships, YouAppi, says:
elza hilzenrat

“By updating our Matching Algorithm, YouAppi is now able to match the right prospective app user, based on our 1.5 billion mobile app profiles, with the right apps faster and with greater accuracy.”

Earlier this year, YouAppi closed a $13.1m round in funding. The Series B involved investors Hawk Ventures, Global Brain, Click Ventures, Digital Future, Emery Capital, AltAir Capital, and existing investors Glilot Capital Partners, 2B Angels and Flint Capital.

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