YouAppi combats mobile advertising fraud with series of new features across its OneRun platform

Advertising fraud is a growing threat among mobile marketers, costing an average $1.3 billion in 2015.
To combat this issue, mobile advertising platform, YouAppi, has just integrated new anti-fraud tools as part of its OneRun Growth Marketing Platform. This lets the platform automatically detect and filter out illicit activity.
YouAppi rolls out anti-ad fraud measures

YouAppi has approximately 450 advertising clients who run over 15,000 mobile user acquisition campaigns across YouAppi’s 1.5bn profiles. With ad budgets shifting towards mobile and fraud becoming more complex, the latest addition, addresses the dynamic nature of fraud.
Moshe Vaknin, Co-Founder and CEO, YouAppi, says:
moshe vaknin

“With new mobile fraud tactics being developed daily, the mobile app ecosystem needs to take fraud prevention very seriously to safeguard customer acquisition campaigns while protecting users. At YouAppi, we’re rolling out a new version of OneRun in order to tackle the range of mobile user acquisition fraud from multiple points.”

As part of the update, YouAppi will now monitor IP blacklists updated in real-time to make sure that traffic isn’t being purchased from blacklisted sources. The OneRun service monitors questionable sources 24/7/365. In addition, YouAppi data scientists run click validity analysis to check that clicks are coming from real people and not bots. That’s in line with industry best practices. Multiple clicks are also analysed to check for malicious downloads.
YouAppi says that one traffic source should be generating a consistent pattern of app installs and conversions and if consistency isn’t the case, the platform alerts data scientists to examine that traffic source. Because 90% of installs occur within the first four hours, the company also runs click-to-install delay analysis across fraudulent mobile downloads. In addition, it has developed an App Scanning Lab that monitors and tests app usage patterns, downloads and installs.
Andras Cser, VP, principal analyst for security & risk professionals, Forrester, adds:
andras csar

“As the mobile channel is relatively new and its detection not as mature, fraudsters are turning to it in the hopes they will have an easier time perpetrating fraud initiated from mobile devices.”

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