YouAppi announces new re-engagement solution to boost mobile user acquisition

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. January 24, 2018

Mobile advertising platform, YouAppi, has announced the launch of its re-engagement solution which aims to maximize the value of both organic and acquired mobile users.
YouAppi Re-Engagement has been created to work with the company’s User Acquisition solution integrated within the 360 Platform.
Clients will receive access to the company’s Real-Time Bidding, social and direct traffic as well as various touch points between brands and consumers. The company says that brands benefit by boosting return on ad spend by up to 12 times.

“User acquisition is vital, but it is engagement that drives growth,” said Moshe Vaknin, CEO and co-founder of YouAppi. “YouAppi has designed a solution that not only re-engages users within the first 30 days following install, but one that is proven to double in-app conversation rates. Retention rates historically drop to less than five percent in the first month and the majority of users do not opt-in for notifications, so it is vital that brands find a way to reach their audience. Our Re-Engagement solution takes advantage of the tools available through our 360 Platform to activate, convert and retain high-value customers.”

The way Re-Engagement works is simple. It is integrated with mobile measurement partners to ensure audiences for targeting are up to date.
A user’s post-install event patterns are then analyzed. YouAppi then focuses its re-engagement efforts on the app’s high value and monthly active user base.
In addition, clients can seek the help of YouAppi exports to bolster their campaign strategies, distinguish between active, inactive and lapsed users and ultimately deliver dynamic ads.
The YouAppi Optimization Engine boosts performance by using a machine learning algorithm which recommends the best days and hours, in-app partners, advertising creatives, deep links, placements and re-engagement messages for top conversion rates.
The company currently represents 470 top global brands, overseeing 17,000 campaigns. The YouAppi 360 Platform includes User Acquisition, Brand Video, Rewarded Video and Social, all supported through Machine Learning and Fraud Protection.