YouAppi adds re-engagement campaign tool for improved mobile app marketing

Anne Freier | February 14, 2017

Mobile Advertising


Source YouAppi

Driving app installs is just one piece of the app marketer’s puzzle. However, a majority of apps lose users on the day of the install. That’s why mobile app platform, YouAppi, today announced the expansion of its OneRun platform to include Re-engagement. According to recent findings from the company, up to 40% of users will use their in-active apps again following a re-engagement campaign.
Founded in 2011, YouAppi has focused on providing post-install solutions for app developers through its OneRun platform. Equipped with machine learning technology, it finds inactive users of an app that are most likely to re-engage on a given day.
The OneRun platform then analyses any post-install event patterns of the most active users to find relevant users to target. A higher priority targeting is attached to higher lifetime value users. This segmentation analysis is then followed by an app re-engagement campaign. Advertisers can tap into programmatic platforms as well as direct inventory partners.
Inactive app users are targeted using a deep-linked ad that brings inactive users to relevant content and encourages them to re-engage with the app.
Trevor Laehy, Paid Marketing at AnchorFree, the Internet and Privacy platform, says:

“YouAppi was assigned the challenge of re-engaging inactive iOS users for our VPN app. Through daily campaign optimisations employed by the YouAppi team, we started to see week over week reductions in both the CPI and CPA experienced. Ultimately, the dedication and expertise of YouAppi’s Re-engagement team enabled us to re-engage inactive iOS users efficiently and at scale via Facebook at a cost well below the cost of acquiring new users.”

Throughout a campaign’s progress, YouAppi maximises campaign performance by utilising machine learning algorithms to recommend best days, day parts, in-app partners, ad creatives as well as deep links and placements and even re-engagement messages.
Moshe Vaknin, CEO & Co-founder, YouAppi, adds:

“In 2011, when most mobile user acquisition solutions where focused on installs, we built YouAppi’s technology around Post-Install Events which enable finding future users with a high lifetime value based on the usage patterns of existing high value users. Today, we already have a platform with technology that was purpose-built for app re-engagement, making this offering a natural extension of the technology platform we’ve been building since 2011.”

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