Yottaa launches web and mobile app platform that circumvents ad blockers


Yottaa, the cloud platform for mobile and web applications, recently launched new features for its ContextIntelligence platform, which enable brands and businesses to detect and block ad blockers.

Yottaa expands ContextIntelligence platform to include ContextAgent and AppSequencing


Source: yottaa.com

Ad blockers have been a big topic since Apple’s launch of iOS 9. According to Adobe, ad blocking has grown 41% over the last year, with an estimated loss of $22bn. In addition, ad blockers can slow down sites or load them with errors, which can cause customers not to return to the site. It’s up to businesses now to find ways to forgo ad blocking software. We’ve recently reported how content providers such as The Washington Post have adopted innovative ways to block ad blockers.

Now, Yottaa’s technology lets any businesses circumvent blocking technology, as well as accelerate page load. Ari Weil, Vice President of Marketing, Yottaa, explains:

ari weil

“The ad blocking debate is an ethical one, but the market reaction is the tail wagging the dog. Apple cannot realize the revenue AdWords generates for Google, and so instead of a land grab to push their own ads as Facebook has with Instant Articles, Apple turned to ad blocking. In the end, however, the end user revolt is all about the terrible user experience poorly implemented ads create. But they’re fixing it the wrong way.”

With the addition of ContextAgent and AppSequencing solutions, the Yottaa platform combats ad blockers by first detecting the ad blocking technologies installed and circumventing them whilst ensuring fast page loads. In addition, clients get to choose which ads should be permitted or blocked. The feature sequences each web asset to ensure a fast, consistent experience free from errors.

Robert Buffone, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Yottaa, says:

robert buffone

“Media companies and other inbound content marketers have worked tremendously hard to establish online advertising models that generate revenue for their content without degrading the experience of their readers and subscribers. I founded Yottaa to improve online and mobile user experiences by helping companies deliver faster and more personalized content to end users. To that end, Yottaa is a natural deterrent for ad blocking technologies as it allows companies to provide the best possible end user experience through application acceleration, content sequencing and personalization, and, most importantly, the ability to totally circumvent ad blocking technologies.”

AppSequencing technology also includes an in-browser component called ContextAgent which uncovers events and user actions, sending real-time feedback to Yottaa cloud service.

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