YeahMobi Facilitates Enterprise Internationalization in SEA at Malaysia Conference

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Posted: June 7, 2016

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China-Malaysia Mobile Internet Conference was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia recently.
The conference was hosted by government organization CAMIA and Shangfang Media. Developers and entrepreneurs of internet companies from both countries converged and forecasted future development of mobile internet. Yeahmobi’s VP of international business Daisy Wu was invited to the meeting and addressed the attendees.
Malaysia is the youngest mobile internet market in the South East Asia, with high mobile Internet coverage, and 500% growth in last 10 years. Data suggested, Malaysia has 21.35 million Internet users, covering 70% of the population. Among them, 41% are male users, while 59% are female. The country has 41.8 million mobile phones, and some citizens use more than one phone. 77% of phone owners use a prepaid mobile phone, while the rest pay after spend. In mobile internet field, 79% of mobile internet users are under 35 years old, making the country the youngest market in SEA. Until now, all major cities in the country have 3G coverage, and some areas have access to 4G service. Wifi is also available in big cities, and still growing. Residents or tourists can easily find a restaurant or café with internet access in cities.
As one of the biggest mobile internet market in the world, China has a huge user base and generated a lot of excellent apps, services or business models which impressed the world. Outstanding products gain confidence and wish to test their products in a bigger market. On such basis, China and Malaysia has rich cooperation opportunities and spaces.
Yeahmobi’s VP of international business, Daisy Wu addressed the attendees
Yeahmobi’s VP of international business, Daisy Wu shared Yeahmobi’s experience on internationalizing mobile apps, and shared her thoughts on how to boost cooperation on mobile internet fields between the two countries.
The conference also gathered prominent operators in internet field from two countries, like Megammobile, ZOOMYMEDIA, Malaysia’s biggest payment platform – MOL, one of the three biggest Malaysia telecom provide – DIGI, Acclivis, Ali (UC), Baidu, Tencent, Huawei, Kadokawa Games, Netease, Netpas and so on.
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