Yeahmobi Attended Affiliate World Asia And Revealed Top Advertising Offers

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Posted: December 8, 2016

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The global conference Affiliate World Asia this year came to a successful closure in the beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand. Yeahmobi attended this year’s conference as a diamond sponsor, and with a very revealing speech, brought real benefits to superaffiliates at the gathering.
Yeahmobi CEO Peter Zou delivered the speech on the main stage. Peter highlighted the bright future of affiliate marketing in Southeast Asia:
Peter Zou Yeahmobi

“We’ve seen a steady and constant growth of mobile ad spending in Southeastern Asia countries in recent years, and the growth is expected to continue as economy and development of this region deepens. Affiliate who acts as an important link along the process to help advertisers reach the right audiences, and help publishers fill ad spaces will have a good opportunity to grow business.”

Peter giving his speech at the event
The speech ran through some advertising offers Yeahmobi has, campaign budgets and how much one affiliate had achieved success. Among them, offers from Huawei, UC, Funplus and gambling were the ones overwhelmingly sought-after. They are also of premium quality. Some enjoy almost twice above the average conversion rate. Campaigns vary from game, video, ringtone to color and printing, from which affiliates could readily choose their favourite.
In the speech, Peter also introduced the latest marketing tools that Yeahmobi has developed, YeahDSP and Smart Link. YeahDSP is a self-service mobile marketing platform that meets the needs of advertisers through real-time bidding. Smart link is the monetize solution that matches online advertising offers and mobile traffic in real-time in order to maximize traffic ECPM/ECPC.
Apart from the speech, Yeahmobi’s exhibition booth also attracts attention from many super affiliates
Being the leading performance marketing platform, Yeahmobi constantly updates its tech product and business model to upgrade its service worldwide. Now, Yeahmobi has ad resources of over 2000 companies around the globe, and they use YeahDSP, Smart Link and other intelligent tools to facilitate precise operation of affiliates, and help them reach the maximum benefits.
In December, Yeahmobi introduced its rebate plan for affiliate networks and Smart Link: affiliates will get $200 for the first $1000 revenue they make, or get $2000+ for $20000+ revenue. Users of Yeahmobi Smart Link will get a 1-5% rebate on monthly spending.
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