Yahoo Tiles brings 360-degree content to mobile devices

As mobile media consumption increases, marketers have to step it up to ensure their content is engaging. Now, Yahoo Advertising has launched a new interactive mobile advertising format to help brands reach their audience.
Dubbed Yahoo Tiles, the format tells a visual story on mobile devices using a post-tap environment. When consumers click on a mobile ad, they are taken to a custom mobile landing page that features 360-degree content, including video and images. More dynamic and interactive features such as video, swipeable images and social feeds are also included.
Yahoo rolls out Tiles
Yahoo says that Tiles are a lightweight design that are simply more engaging and make for a more seamless user experience.
The new product is now available for advertisers through Yahoo Gemini and BrightRoll. It ensures that brands can tell a more creative and compelling story across their Android and iOS devices. The format helps advertisers to reach audiences at scale, including over 600m mobile users on Yahoo and across extended networks.
Brands can also work with Yahoo’s ad creative team to help them build and support their campaigns.
Yahoo says that early adopters of the format have seen success. One QSR advertiser noted a 4x lift in user engagement when designing an experience for users to swipe through multiple flavors of their product. A different brand saw a 5x lift in time-earned and the average time spent viewing and interacting with the ad.

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