Yahoo launches native ads for its mobile network

Yahoo has become the latest online media company to get into the mobile native ad game, launching a new image-rich native ad format across its mobile products.
Yahoo hasn’t released many images or video of its new format, but judging by the below gif it looks very image heavy and appears to blend nicely into the surrounding Yahoo News content. The company says after tapping the in-content feed ad viewers can either visit a site directly or view a larger interstitial ad.
In a company blog post, Yahoo said:

When advertising is a seamless part of the stories, photos and videos around it, it enhances the way people discover and share, while increasing engagement, recall, intent and favorability for advertisers. We’re excited to move toward a new mobile experience that brings together engaging content and even richer advertising.

The new product is available via Yahoo’s ‘Gemini’ mobile ad marketplace for mobile search and native advertising. Gemini lets advertisers buy, manage and optimise search and native ad spend from a single dashboard and can be accessed via the Yahoo Ad Manager.
According to Yahoo more than half of its global monthly active users view its content on smartphones or tablets, so it’s no wonder they’re looking to take advantage of this and launch their own version of the highly successful in-content feed format. As the above image suggests, Netflix has already signed-up and Yahoo says other “top advertisers” are also on-board.
Yahoo’s product looks very similar to the native ads AOL announced earlier in the month, which display across its own network, including The Huffington Post and engadget. It’s probably only a matter of time before the other big online media companies join the fray and release their own formats. The big question is what inventory will be left for smaller native ad players to capitalise on?

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