Yahoo enables mobile native audience targeting in Gemini

Yahoo has launched a feature in Gemini, Yahoo’s marketplace for mobile search and native ads, that allows marketers to target particular mobile audiences via native advertising. As part of developer network Flurry, the feature tracks user data such as audience and retention. Personas are built on behavioural data from frequent app users, comprising more than 40 audiences. With millions of monthly searches on mobile devices, Flurry can track and tag behaviours.
Jarah Euston, Vice President, Flurry, says:

“If a developer uses tags to track when someone searches for shoes in their app, they can create a custom targeting feature. Flurry Analytics is really focused on aggregate data, and not searches inside the application.”

With 88% of US smartphone users spending time on apps, according to Yahoo, important information about those users can be gained.
Aaron Goldman, Kenshoo CMO, confirms:

“Understanding what apps people use can become a great barometer for their interests and help inform more precise advertising.”

Yahoo has already tested the feature with some of its worldwide consumer product goods (CPG) companies, causing a lift in unaided brand awareness when using Flurry Personas.
With 1.8% of the $42.6 billion worldwide mobile advertising market in 2014, much of Yahoo’s mobile ad revenue comes from search ads. The firm acquired Flurry in July 2014 and now tracks over 650,000 apps such as Shazm and Pinterest.

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