Words with Friends tops mobile game chart with 13 million users, pushing out Pokémon Go

Words with Friends has topped Verto Analytics Mobile Game report for April 2017, netting the most unique users during March, gathering the most reach, and having one of the highest “stickiness” ratings around.

The popular casual word game amassed 13 million unique users in March, for a 7% reach, and an overall 67% stickiness rating. In second position is Pokémon Go with 10.5 million unique users and a mobile reach of 6%. Its stickiness dropped to 45% behind Words With Friends.

Verto highlights Pokémon Go’s performance, saying:

“Pokémon Go remains the second most popular game on our index, with 10.5 million monthly users. In fact, the game appears to have improved its user engagement metrics since its initial launch.”

Words with Friends couldn’t grab the stickiness top spot in Verto’s chart, losing out to Hay Day’s impressive 81% rating. However, Hay Day has around 1.9 million monthly users, and a mobile reach of 1%.

It’s also a relatively even user count split between Android and iOS for Words with Friends, with iOS slightly ahead with 6.9 million users, and Android with 6.2 million. However, Pokémon Go is more popular on Android with 6.1 million players, compared to the 4.4 million on iOS.

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