Woobi launches new mobile in-game programmatic video SSP

Anne Freier | September 29, 2016

Mobile Advertising


Woobi, the mobile advertising technology firm, which is based in London and Tel Aviv, has just rolled out a new in-game programmatic video Supply Side Platform (SSP), which lets advertisers engage audiences whilst they are playing a game in-app.

Being a part of the gaming experience, ultimately creates a more personal connection between brand and consumer.

Woobi launches new SSP


Source: woobi.com

The new in-game SSP taps Woobi’s user interaction patterns and displays ads when consumers are more receptive towards engagement.

Native in-game advertising units are also available at scale and marketers can even use their existing campaign management platform. Woobi then delivers viewing and click-through rates.

Chaya Soggot, CEO, Woobi, explains:

chaya soggot

“We are opening a new world of opportunities for brands today. The in-game ecosystem is developing rapidly. Time spent playing games has surpassed the time spent on TV. The mobile gaming penetration in the United States has grown from 25.9% in 2011 to 51.3% in 2015. This is one of the most favourite pass time activities across all demographics, geographic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.”

She adds that the fresh addition has been shown to be effective for brand advertisers by expanding its targeting features and viewability rates.

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