Women are more likely to spend money in mobile apps than men

Andy Boxall | October 18, 2016

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Women are more likely to complete their first mobile purchase than men, according to statistics released by Liftoff, which show it’s 40% cheaper to acquire a female purchaser than a male one. It’s part of the company’s latest Mobile App Engagement Index report, which examines trends and data specific to user acquisition.

It’s cheaper to acquire a female buyer than a male one, according to Liftoff

liftoff cost acquire

The average cost to acquire a female mobile buyer is $56.58, while a male buyer costs $93.64. This is by far the biggest gap in costs when looking specifically at how gender affects in-app and purchasing activity.

For registration the split is only 8%, while an in-app purchase extends the gap to 13%, with female in-app buyers costing $61.29 on average, and male in-app buyers $70.50. This trend reverses when looking at subscriptions and reservations. A male subscriber on average will cost 13% less at $213.34 than a $244.17 female user, while a reservation from a female user is $39.68, and a male $37.64, representing a 5% difference.

Post-install rates also varied with gender

liftoff install activity

A gender divide continued when examining mobile games, but interestingly it was female gamers who were more likely to spend money than male gamers, despite the genre being more closely associated with men. Women’s post-install activity rates exceeded men’s for registration, reservation, and in-app purchases.

Outside of gaming, women were also more likely to install and make an in-app purchase in shopping apps and utility apps, but were almost even in travel, while men were considerably more likely to subscribe in a financial app.

The report says:

“Gender differences will always be a factor in mobile app engagement, but the effects have remained consistent over time. Women are still more comfortable and willing to make mobile shopping purchases, while men are more likely to subscribe to mobile content or purchase financial services.”

Liftoff’s complete Mobile Index report can be downloaded by visiting the company’s website here.

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