With New Instal Floating Ad format You Get Both – Brand Exposure & High Ad Performance

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Posted: November 9, 2016

Instal has recently launched a brand new ad format which addresses the need to combine brand exposure with achieving performance goals and great user experience. Floating Ads are an innovative way of serving ads over a user-requested page without blocking or disturbing user’s navigation and thus giving high and premium visibility the content. This is the most recent format released by Instal that offers its clients a wide portfolio of Ads, from rich media to video, animated gifs and native ads all of which can be easily integrated into an app or a mobile web site via API, SDK, Java, S2S, etc.
Instal.com Floating Ad Format

Floating Ads is available in different formats and with multiple animations options. Starting from the collapsed view, it can be expanded allowing users to browse more information related to the promoted content and get more details. This expanded version increases the level of user engagement through attractive animations or full video clips. Moreover, publishers have the total control of this format since, through the platform, they can customize the ad format, the timeout and the positioning of the floating on the screen. In this way they will be able to reach the perfect balance between monetization goals and users’ experience, keeping users engaged and improving their loyalty.
Performance, branding, engagement & innovation. These are the core features of our new floating ads.
Register on Instal’s platform and try them yourself. We will be happy to show you a demo and share some information about it.

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