Why Do Gambling App Owners Need to Buy an Incentive Traffic?

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Posted: November 7, 2016

In the vast and ever-changing digital marketing landscape, everyone is trying to find a new avenue for success. But it is well known that new doesn’t always mean better. The concept of incentivized traffic is far from new, though, it is becoming a much more viable and accepted traffic source than it was even a year ago. This is a win-win marketing strategy where both you and your customer earns something. This tool is just what you need, especially if you are in a gambling field. Let’s drill down the question.
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The top benefits of the incentive traffic
Simply put it this way, incentive offers mean you will reward your users in a form of digital currency, access to in-game items or to premium contents. These rewards are given every time a user chooses to participate in a particular CPA offer. Here is how you will benefit from this process.

  • More installs, higher ranking

The traffic is the most important part for every business that deals with the internet. For a successful start, you need to get a large number of installs and positive ratings for your app. This will help your product or service to reach the top positions in stores.
But how can you get all these installs and ratings, if your app does not have a high rating yet? Incentive traffic will help you. It is the best solution to quickly increase your app visibility.

  • An attractive offer

Another important advantage is that the incentive traffic source is extremely cost effective. When the app hits the top of a category and maintain this position for some time, it will witness an organic increase in traffic. This will fully compensate the incentive program expenditures.

  • New opportunities

The ability to purchase virtual goods and get access to virtual worlds has been the backbone of the online gambling industry. The incentive traffic is a form of this model, allowing users to stay intrigued and motivated to keep playing. It also causes higher conversion rates compared to a more traditional traffic source.
GOWIDE is a worldwide mobile ad platform that specializes in gambling advertising. We have thousands of successful ad campaigns and even more happy customers on our account. Contact us right away, and our team will provide you with the top-quality incentive campaigns to boost the number of installs and get a higher rating for your app. With us, you will have a good edge in today’s competitive world.

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