Whilst mobile video gains in importance, 46% of advertisers aren’t happy with measurement options

For mobile video, repurposing web or TV video content doesn’t work and advertisers are fully aware. A whopping 94% of global mobile marketers agree that desktop video best practices do not apply to mobile video. That’s according to a survey among 218 mobile advertisers from mobile ad company YouAppi, conducted by Dimensional Research.
Some of the top challenges for mobile video include the development of compelling creative (44%), followed by finding effective ways to deliver the mobile videos to the right audiences (35%) and budget concerns (28%).

The second highest challenge of not finding the right delivery properties has led to 42% of respondents running their mobile videos on at least six channels. Another 17% launched mobile videos across 20 channels.
In addition, mobile marketers are using a very broad range of metrics and KPIs to measure their performance. Cost per Install, Click-Through Rate and Video Completion Rate were among the 15 mentioned metrics.

Diane Hagglund, Founder and Principal, Dimensional Research, explains that mobile advertisers are dealing with a large number of such metrics and measurements for video.

“When you combine this with fact that not even half can agree that any of these metrics is worth tracking, it clearly indicates a metric standardization challenge for the industry.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 46% are not happy with their options and abilities to measure mobile video campaigns.
Among the leading channels and applications marketers use to publish their video campaigns are Facebook (75%), in-app ads (69%), YouTube (66%), company-own apps (20%) and Snapchat(18%).
70% of respondents agree that shorter is better with the ideal length for the format being 15 seconds or less.
Despite criticism and issues, advertisers agree that mobile video offers great opportunities. 94% of respondents said that the importance of mobile video had increased over the last few years, whilst 93% agreed that the format would continue to increase in importance over the coming years.

Moshe Vaknin, CEO & co-founder of YouAppi, adds:

“As a data-driven mobile growth solution, we see opportunities among the creative, channel and measurement challenges mentioned by the survey respondents. Along with our partners, we expect to roll out a range of solutions, which will enable our customers to overcome these challenges and utilize mobile video to grow their businesses while enhancing their customers’ experience.”

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