Whilst marketers agree that content is important, only 37% engage customers on their websites

Anne Freier | September 4, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Only 37% of marketers think that their current website lets people engage with their content at high volume, according to new research by Uberflip and Heinz Marketing.

At the same time, 82% of marketers believe that content is an important part of their strategy, yet half of respondents believe their content is not effective.

This may in part be due to content not being distributed accurately across different departments. Indeed, respondents with effective content are 10x more likely to ensure other departments have their content.

Whilst 70% of B2B marketers agree that personalised campaigns and content are a must, 50% said their content personalisation was not effective.

Another 36% said they lacked support for their marketing programme whilst 32% believe their content lacks variety. A third (32%) also stated that the lack of actionable data and insights was holding them back.

“It’s difficult to make data-driven decisions about your content when you don’t even have the right data to know what’s working and what’s not. This makes it harder to know what level of personalization works for your audience and what content topics resonate best. And, when these factors remain unknown, it’s no wonder that respondents also have a challenge with not having enough content. After all, why create more content when you don’t even know if what you have now is performing?”

Whilst content personalisation is a key focus for marketers, the majority agree that data will allow them to improve their shortcoming within this area.

Email continues to be the dominant channel to share content followed by organic social posts.

Marketers who suggest additional content engagement tend to suggest other topics based on interest (62%), additional offers (52%) or newsletter sign-up (46%).

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