WhatsApp usage spikes 40% due to coronavirus pandemic

Anne Freier | March 30, 2020

App Business

Whilst the Covid-19 crisis hasn’t been kind on travel app, it’s been beneficial for social media and messaging apps.

Now, consulting firm Kantar has found that WhatsApp saw some of the most significant gains in usage during mid March because of an increasing number of users coming under lockdown.

According to the answers of 25,000 consumers in 30 markets, the Facebook subsidiary noted a spike of 40% in usage, up from 27% during the earlier phase of the virus outbreak.

Usage spiked to 51% in countries with advanced stages of the pandemic.

Some markets are seeing higher increases than others. For example, WhatsApp usage in Spain was up 76%.

Chinese messaging apps such as WeChat and Weibo noted similar jumps (58%) in usage.

However, social media platforms are not deemed a reliable platform for information with the majority of survey respondents preferring news outlets and government information (58% and 48%, respectively). Only 11% of users trust information obtained via social media.

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