WhatsApp to launch new privacy features

Anne Freer | August 11, 2022

App Business

Following concerns over the growing use of WhatsApp for organised criminal activities, the app maker is adding several additional privacy features to boost control for users.

WhatsApp already provides end-to-end encryption of messages so that conversations are protected. 

Previously, the company also launched disappearing messages and encrypted backups with 2-step verification. Users can also block and report others. 

But to give users even more control over the security of their accounts, WhatsApp just launched a feature to leave groups silently. Instead of notifying all users that someone left a group, anyone can now leave a group without announcement.

Within the next month, users will also be able to choose who can and can’t see when you’re online. 

The View Once feature already means that shared photos and media are destructed, but now WhatsApp is enabling screenshot blocking for added protection. 

The privacy features will be rolled out over the coming month and WhatsApp plans to educated users on how to use them. 

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