WhatsApp tests Touch ID and Face ID security measures

Andy Boxall | October 24, 2018

App Development

Messaging app WhatsApp is apparently testing a further security measure for its app — integrating Apple’s biometric authentication systems into it, helping prevent unwanted access to the app should the phone itself be found unlocked.

Discovered in an alpha-version of the app, either Touch ID fingerprint authentication, or Face ID identification will be offered as an additional security measure, depending on the device. The new option is currently found under the privacy settings menu in the development app.

By including this security option, users with shared phones, or business owners that use WhatsApp for Business, can protect their accounts outside of the phone’s own security systems.

However, while the feature is operational in a test version of WhatsApp, it’s not certain the feature will be released to the public, and no timeframe is available should it already be approved for release.

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