WhatsApp is currently testing sponsored business chats

Anne Freier | September 11, 2017

Mobile Advertising

WhatsApp is currently testing consumer chats with businesses from Facebook adverts. Apparently, TechCrunch recently found a piece of code buried within Facebook’s advertising manager that allowed companies to purchase ads that included a “Send WhatsApp Message” call-to-action.
This would point toward parent Facebook finally coming around to monetising its WhatsApp messaging service. For now though, WhatsApp won’t actually be offering any adverts for sale. Testing is going through Facebook right now.
The social media giant has already successfully installed business communications via its Facebook Messenger app. eCommerce companies are now able to run sponsored messages to reach their audiences.
Although WhatsApp had promised not to publish adverts when Facebook bought it in 2014, Zuckerberg was quick to lift the restriction.
The news are also not a complete surprise after WhatsApp already announced last week that it was to charge enterprises for a version of its app that lets representatives manage communications. Small and medium-sized businesses are getting a free version of the app by the way.
Although fears were immediately sparked that cold-messaging may become a new thing on the chat app, WhatsApp said that users had to agree to be contacted in the first place.

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