WhatsApp expands features for Business app

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. January 25, 2019

WhatsApp has expanded its features for its Business app for mobile web and desktop devices in light of more than 5 million businesses now using the service.

For example, India’s eyewear brand Glassic admitted that 30% of their new sales were now coming through WhatsApp Businesses. This also means that WhatsApp is positioning itself more and more as a WeChat competitor.

The newest features include quick replies, which enable businesses to reply to common questions more rapidly. They just have to press “/” on their keyboard and select a quick reply.

The company also added labels which can help in organising contacts or chats.

Lastly, WhatsApp has added chat list filtering to make it easier to manage chats and filter them by unread messages, groups or broadcasts.

In a blog post, the company wrote:

Using these features on a computer helps businesses save time and get back to their customers quickly. We’re excited to keep growing WhatsApp Business and introducing new features that make it easy for customers to find and engage with businesses that are important to them.