WhatsApp clones Snapchat Stories, introduces Status feature

Andy Boxall | February 21, 2017

App Development

Whatsapp Status

WhatsApp will introduce new photo and video features influenced by Snapchat to its messaging app. It’s called Status, where photos, videos, and GIFs can be shared with friends, and like Snapchat’s Stories feature, the have a limited lifetime and will disappear after 24-hours.

Status will be added as a new tab inside the app, and the twist over Snapchat’s Stories feature, is the service will be encrypted — just like WhatsApp’s chats. The feature will be available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone versions of WhatsApp.

Questioned on its similarity to Snapchat Stories, WhatsApp’s product manager Randall Sarafa told Bloomberg:

“We’re bringing this format into WhatsApp and giving it a bit of the WhatsApp flavor that we know, which touches on reliability, security, and personal sharing.”

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, and used by 1.2 million people each month, with 3.3 billion pictures sent over the past year. Snapchat, which is about to launch an anticipated IPO, has around 158 million daily users. The new WhatsApp Status feature will arrive on February 24.

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