WhatsApp Business launches new tools for businesses to engage with customers

Anne Freier | July 14, 2020

App Business

WhatsApp Business has introduced a range of new features to help businesses and consumers connect via the app.

The messenger app just launched QR codes which make it even easier for consumers to launch a chat with a company.

Users simply scan a QR code that a brand or business displays on its storefront or product packaging to start a chat.

Brazil-based activewear brand Ki Mindful Wearing has already been using QR codes to let customers get in touch via WhatsApp more easily.

Once a user scans the code, it opens the chat with a pre-populated message created by the business.

In addition, WhatsApp has launched Catalogs which make the process of sharing and showcasing goods or services even simpler.

The feature debuted in 2019 and have since become a good way for brands to engage with customers.

Over 40 million people already view catalogs on WhatsApp every month.

But the feature can now be shared as links on websites, social media channels and other online integrations.

The links can be copied and sent to friends and family via WhatsApp.

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