Weekly Payments and more for YeahMobi Affiliates

YeahMobi was set up in 2009 and currently is considered to be one of the top global CPA Affiliate Networks. The company shares its most profitable campaigns with affiliates, and by proritising “professionalism, globalism and reciprocal altruism” is able to provide one of the more reliable CPA affiliate services.
Here’s a quick overview of the main features of the scheme:
Weekly Payments
YeahMobi offer all affiliates weekly payments with a threshold of $50 on a Net4 basis (essentially earnings made within a week will be paid the following Thursday). For international affiliates, wire transfers are available for balances over $1000, with PayPal payments offered on balances less than that. Top commission earners (in excess of $2000 per day) have the option of daily payments.
Dedicated Affiliate Managers
YeahMobi’s dedicated Affiliate Managers act as an internal buy team, and have extensive experience in running offers on various leading ad networks like LeadBolt, Jumptap and Inmobi.
YeahMobi Optimizer – Tracking and Optimization tool
YeahMobi’s dedicated tracking and optimization tool works on a threefold basis – more tracking, easy white/black list options and significant increases in ROI.
The optimizer provides enough parameters for affiliate to track campaigns and carry out optimization. As well as in-built Device/OS/Carriers/Screen/Referrer/Site/Brand/Model tracking the model also lets you track 4 customized parameters like ad networks/banners and various others.
YeahMobi Tracking
YeahMobi Optimizer’s listing tool allows you to see the campaigns that are converting and those that aren’t, making blacklisting and whitelisting quick and easy to do.
YeahMobi Listing
Significant increases in ROI can also be achieved with the campaign management tool, by cutting those clicks that aren’t converting and increasing the ones that are.
YeahMobi Campaign Manager
With a complete focus on CPA, YeahMobi offer a comprehensive affiliate scheme to developers and publishers, which generates realistic results. Offering quality campaigns in every vertical (ad campaigns and offers) affiliates can also generate extra income via affiliate referrals.
To find out more about YeahMobi’s mobile marketing solutions visit the YeahMobi website. New affiliates interested in joining the network can do so by following this link.

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