Week in Review – What happened in mobile advertising this week

This week, header bidding has seen a bit of a boost with Amazon being integrated by two major mobile ad companies as part of its cloud-based header bidding solution Amazon Publisher Services. Rubicon Project and PubMatic both announced integration with the Transparent Ad Marketplace to help publishers take advantage of real-time bids.
At the same time, Snapchat continues to stir the creative app tools market by launching its Snap Map, which was heavily criticised over the potential to bully users digitally. Potentially, Snap Map could be opened up to advertisers, but the company hasn’t revealed any plans just yet.
In order to combat terrorism, tech leaders Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and YouTube have announced their joint launch of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism. The companies hope to create new technologies and establish best practices to help fight the growing issue of terrorists recruiting members online.

Appnext has made quite a splash this week when it launched Appnext Actions, a patent-pending product which integrates artificial intelligence features to help mobile device users make faster and more informed choices. It’s also a big boon for developers. For example, a messaging app developer can now provide other third party services such as ordering food or playing a game through the app without losing users to other apps.
The product launch frenzy continues over the summer, with data company Nielsen rolling out a new feature to help measure ads via the YouTube mobile app. The tool also integrates nicely with cross-device campaigns and audience measurements.
Facebook made two adjustments to its advertising services this week. Firstly, it launched rewarded video ads for app developers to its Audience Network. Secondly, it made it easier for businesses to boost Messenger interactions with customers.
At the same time, Google, for the first time, has spoken about one of its Area 120 projects. The company unveiled Advr, which creates mobile video ads for virtual reality environments. Google is now actively encouraging VR developers to test the new solution.

Within research and studies, eMarketer revealed that Twitter is now being used by 47.3% of Japan’s social network users. That’s more than the country’s Facebook users. Meanwhile, Cardiff University research has confirmed that Twitter posts could potentially be used to predict major incidences and events.
TopBuzz, BBC News, FOX News and NBC News are the fastest loading news content apps, according to PacketZoom’s News App Performance Index. The index measured time-to-read performance across the most popular news content apps and found that The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Huffington Post were the slowest.
Bad news for the advertising industry comes from research by AppLift, which found that India and Indonesia are the countries with the highest number of ad fraud. Entertainment and news apps scored the highest for app advertising fraud at 22% each.

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