Week in Review – What happened in mobile advertising this week

Snap Inc has made it official – Snap Publisher is out now and advertisers of all sizes can create their own Snapchat ads. The company hopes that the move can boost revenue. The firm also revealed that geofilters were now viewed 1.5 million times by app users amounting to 2.16 billion views a day.
Facebook is making it easier for publishers to see the real benefits from its Instant Articles by launching a tool that measures article performance on Facebook compared to web performance. It will be exciting to see some initial results.
WeChat is approaching 500 million users in China alone this year, according to the latest eMarketer estimates. Nearly 80% of the country’s mobile device owners are using the app regularly and adoption is growing. There’s some good news for mobile advertisers in there too, with Burberry recently running a successful campaign on WeChat.

Online video is on a roll with views set to reach a 20% growth globally this year, reports ZenithMedia. That increase is due to higher video consumption on mobile devices with average daily views reaching 28.8 minutes (+35%).
Programmatic ad purchases were down 12% in Q1 2017 compared to the same quarter the year before. According to MediaRadar, that decline is being attributed to brand safety and fraud concerns. In addition, native, email and mobile advertising were up 74%, 28% and 8% respectively.
A whopping 69% of publishers are happy to drop an advertising network if payment issues arise. That’s according to Tipalti research and should be a warning to ad networks. 
We’ve spoken to Managing Director of AppLift, Stefan Benndorf, about all things ad fraud this week: “We do not believe that mobile ad blockers are solving the issue of ad fraud. The adoption of ad blocking is still very low, particularly that of in-app. If the adoption of mobile ad blocking continues to rise, consequences will surface and the size of the addressable mobile ad market could turn stagnate or even shrink and the commercial impact of ad fraud may become much smaller.”

There were loads of exciting new product announcements and partnerships this week.
Let’s start with Smaato, the mobile app ad platform, which has partnered with adsquare to boost real-time audience targeting data to reach more relevant audiences.
Taptica has acquired Adinnovation, the Japanese mobile marketing firm, to help drive its APAC expansion. Japan is a prime spot for mobile advertising and smartphone penetration is expected to increase further this year.
Meanwhile, Sizmek acquired RocketFuel to commit to greater artificial intelligence investments. The deal is being valued at $145 million.
TUNE has come up with an interesting and rather useful tool for marketers this view. The Multiverse is a tunebot which reports ROAS for advertisers and marketers by automatically crunching all the numbers. This should make it a lot easier for marketers to get an overview over spending and campaign success.
Lastly, mobyaffiliates is proud to announce that we released our own research on the Top Mobile Affiliate Networks worldwide covering 27 companies. The annual guide offers a snapshot of top companies of the mobile affiliate industry.

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