Week in review – Snapchat is having a bad week

The big players
Snap Inc seems to be expanding after it launched an office in China last month. The company is now working out its advertising strategy for the East Asian market. Snapchat, however, is still banned in China.
Snap Inc has a problem. According to new information, the app is much more of a communications messenger and many of its features are still going unused. However, the most worrying trend of the report is that just 20% of Snapchat users consumed publishers’ content from Discover.
Snapchat’s big app redesign has led to user outrage as many have resorted to leaving negative reviews on app stores. According to data by Sensor Tower, 83% of reviews concerning the update were negative. A mere 17% of reviews reached five stars, favouring the redesign of the popular teen messaging app.
Facebook is putting an end to its M AI virtual assistant two and half years after the service was first launched. M AI used actual humans to train the technology to say the right things.
Mobile phones are predicted to drive paid search advertising expenditure, contributing 69% to $19 billion in growth by 2022. That’s according to a report from Forrester research. The report predicts that mobile is becoming a stronger influencer of offline sales, which are predicted to reach $1.4 trillion in 2021 or 36% of total retail sales.
As mobile and TV devices are blurring the lines of video consumption, Facebook has published new research to offer some guidance for advertisers. Unsurprisingly, non-skippable formats retain user attention the longest. In addition, non-skippable formats resemble TV more closely. That also means people are in the right mood to view content and consequently adverts.
Amazon.co.uk held the largest click share for paid search adverts in the UK during the 2017 holiday season, according to research by AdGooroo, the Kantar Media-owned search marketing intelligence platform. Amazon UK captured 8.8% of mobile’s ad click share and 7.5% of desktop’s click share across popular retail keywords.
South Koreans are spending more than a quarter of their media time using smartphones, according to new research from eMarketer. According to the latest forecast, the research firm expects South Koreans to spend roughly 2 hours a day using their smartphones this year, accounting for 28.6% of their media time each day.
Trust is a core issue determining brand love, according to research from Oath. US consumers who share at least one mobile touchpoint with a brand are also 67% more likely to trust that brand with their personal data.
With just over 22% of UK smartphone owners using their phones to pay for goods in 2018, mobile payments are still far off from widespread adoption. However, they are becoming more popular, according to new research from eMarketer.
A majority of US shoppers are researching the products they are interested in online before purchasing them in-store. According to research from the eCommerce Foundation, 88% of US shoppers looked up products online before buying them in-store.
Product launches
As mobile advertisers continue to allocate their advertising budgets more carefully, Sizmek, the ad technology firm, has promised to offer total transparency over the cost of its ads. The move is inspired to provide clients of the platform with added visibility and control over their media purchases.
Mobile programmatic ad platform, Go2mobi, has revealed the Go2mobi Total Control API. The API lets app developers create custom programmatic features. Users who are looking to develop streamlined workflows or standalone DSP platforms can do so all from within the Total Control API.
Mobile advertising network, InMobi, has officially acquired mobile video monetization firm AerServ for $90 million. InMobi plans to create a header bidding solution for mobile apps through the acquisition.
Amazon Publisher Services has officially unveiled a new advertising product that provides a cloud-based, server-side header bidding solution for digital advertisers and app developers. The Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM) has now been activated in the UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain. It has been active in the US since December 2016.
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