Week in Review – Facebook posts earnings, app downloads soar & UK mobile ad revenues jump

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. February 2, 2018

The big players

Facebook revenues shot up 47% during the last quarter of the year with advertising revenue making up $12.78 billion of the total. Mobile alone accounted for 89% of the increase – up 5% from Q4 2016. However, the social network also noted a drop in daily active users in the US and Canada for the first time.
Vevo, the video hosting service, has just added a new ratings system to ensure brand safety across its YouTube content. Being one of the largest YouTube content partners, Vevo is trying to ensure brands and agencies that their ads will be safe when featured on Vevo.
Instagram has just added third-party scheduling of posts to its platform. The feature currently works for photos and is only available for business profiles. Scheduling via third-party services means that businesses will be required to pay a subscription fee through Facebook Marketing Partners or Instagram Partners.
Spotify is currently testing an app that could become a major rival to Pandora – the music radio app. Called ‘Stations by Spotify’, the standalone app lets users tune into a collection of curated music stations at zero charge. The app can be personalized so that users are only listening to the content they enjoy the most.


As average digital ad expenditure continues to grow to $224 billion in 2017, with mobile now accounting for 63% of all digital spend, the number of sources marketers are using has steadily increased. According to research by Singular, modern day marketing stacks are a combination of different data and analytical sources, making it harder for teams to effectively analyze and optimize their campaigns.
UK advertising viewability levels are at their highest since Q2 2014, according to a new report by mobile ad verification firm Meetrics. The research found that the number of banner ads served during Q4 2017 increased to 56%, up from 52% in the previous quarter. Banner ads are herein defined as those which meet minimum viewability guidelines.
2017 has been a record-breaking year for app downloads with 27 million apps downloaded in Q4 2017 alone, according to App Annie. The increase of 7% (year-on-year) was largely fueled by the holiday season. Arguably though, apps are now offering increased value as evidenced by consumer expenditure on iOS and Google surpassing $17 billion globally during Q4 2017.
Traditionally, Germany hasn’t been the focus of programmatic ad discussions. That’s partially because the country joined the programmatic party rather late. However, it’s now becoming clear that the country is seeing the advantages of programmatic trading. eMarketer predicts that programmatic ad spend in Germany could total $1.59 billion in 2018.
Influencer marketing campaigns grew a whopping 198% in 2017Klear, the influencer marketing platform, measured Instagram posts containing the hashtag #ad between 2016 and 2017 and found that influencer ad campaigns had significantly grown.
The majority of mobile display advertising expenditure is now going towards social media, according to the Advertising Association and Warc’s latest Expenditure Report. Overall, the advertising market in the UK achieved a new milestone during Q3 2017. Mobile advertising grew 30.7% to £1.3 billion year-on-year with one in four pounds being spent on mobile ads.
According to research by Liftoff, based on 12 billion ad impressions and 4.4 million app installs between December 2016 and December 2017, dating app subscriptions grew 50% during September and over the cold season (from late August to February).

Product launches

Mobile advertising fraud continues to be a growing problem for the ad industry. Now, Kochava, the measurement solutions provider for connected devices, has launched Checksum – a feature that validates installs and payloads ahead of attribution. In addition, the company added three new views to its Fraud Console suite for mobile ad fraud visualization.
With mobile ad spending in 2018 expected to rise to $147 billion, viewability, fraud and safety issues are becoming growing concerns for marketers. Now, Receptiv the mobile video ad platform, has just announced a three-tier guarantee to ensure that mobile video inventory is reliable, industry-first and brand safe.
As video is becoming the most viewed format on mobile devices, video ad spend is predicted to be largely programmatic (77%) in 2019. Now, video marketing platform, Innovid, has just rolled out new solutions to help mobile advertisers measure the scale of their in-app video viewability and offer personalization support.
Verve, the location-based mobile platform, has expanded its Premium Programmatic Mobile solution via Rubicon Project’s orders platform. As such, Verve’s programmatic solution is now available in the UK and for international advertisers.


While most marketers will attempt to do everything under the sun to ensure their app’s success, few bothers to consider why their marketing campaign fails in the first place.  In mobile app marketing, sometimes implementing the smallest changes can drastically impact their conversion rates. However, being too cautious and never executing a marketing strategy could hurt it even more.
The world of CPA affiliate marketing is no sunshine and rainbows, it definitely comes with a territory. While every CPA affiliate, from beginners to gurus have their different ways of doing things in the industry, there are few basic rules that you could follow so that you could enter CPA marketing world smoothly.