Webinar roundup: Creating a winning iOS app growth strategy with SKAN 4.0

Since the arrival of SKAdNetwork (SKAN) 4.0, Apple’s privacy-preserving attribution framework for iOS, the app performance ecosystem swiftly came together to test and deploy its new features with early results showing great promise.

In a recent webinar, Sara Camden of InMobi, Eran Friedman of Singular, and Adrienne Rice of M&C Saatchi Performance shared their learnings and experiences on developing a winning strategy for iOS app growth with SKAN, covering the following topics:

  • How app growth marketers can get a fast start with SKAN 4.0
  • How to develop a refreshed approach to conversion value mapping
  • How to cut through the noise and understand how these changes impact your app’s growth in a meaningful way

Watch the full webinar here.

Check out these additional resources to take your SKAN strategy to the next level:

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