WebEye was honored with Global Mobile Marketing Leadership award

Partner Post - WebEye Leader of global game distribution & mobile advertising

Posted: February 4, 2019

During the Global AI Marketing Leadership Summit held in Tel Aviv, Israel on January 23rd, WebEye was announced the winner of the “2018 Global Mobile Marketing Leadership Award”. This is a remarkably prestigious honor for WebEye, since it recognizes WebEye’s status as the leader in mobile advertising & game distribution. 

Amir Lati, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel, said, “‘To make advertising personalized, to make decisions accurate, and to make growth efficient’ are opportunities and challenges for mobile advertising companies. Big Data + Algorithm can be a solution. WebEye has been at the forefront of Machine learning and Big data development since its inception and guided hundreds of domestic and international partners to succeed in the ever-changing market through technological innovation. So, WebEye is well deserving of the Global Mobile Marketing Leadership Award.”

WebEye self-designed a programmatic marketing platform, Taurus, to help advertisers and publishers acquire users and monetize effectively. Taurus collects a massive amount of raw data in 20+ parameters and performs real-time & offline calculations to generate statistical reports. Then, by associative data processing and distribution model construction, it can achieve functions including in-depth behavior analysis, programmatic buying, and LTV prediction. Taurus AI engine also excels at anomaly detection. It thoroughly examines clicks, conversions etc. to provide device-level fraud feedback, takes control measures in real-time and flags the patterns or indicators of frauds. 

WebEye aims to assist its partners to identify market opportunities in a timely manner and respond quickly. 2018 was a tremendously successful year for the company, as it upgraded its programmatic marketing platform with new features and increased the number of its partners and countries it covers. In 2019, it will continue to renovate its technology to offer high-quality services and build a healthy mobile ecosystem. 

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