We now spend 65% more of our digital time using mobile devices


comScore just released a new report which highlights just how much more time we are now spending using our smartphones.

The 2016 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus paper finds that minutes spent using our smartphones increased 78% between 2013 to 2015. Tablet usage also jumped 30% whilst consumers clearly spent less time (-1%) using their desktops.

Mobile minutes are growing


Source: comscore.com

Digital attention to desktops dropped 35% since 2013. Meanwhile, overall mobile app time increased 56%, mostly driven by smartphone apps which increased 47% in time spent.

We spend more time on mobile devices now


Source: comscore.com

According to the report, one fifth of Millennials (18-34-year-olds) do not use desktops any more. This means that some of the largest digital media providers now receive more traffic from mobile devices compared to desktops. In some instances mobile visitors have doubled within just 24 months.

Among the top platform categories for time spent on mobile are maps with 94%, followed by photos (92%), online gaming (88%), but also social networks (79%). It shouldn’t come as a surprise why Facebook’s ad revenues are being driven by mobile audiences.

Maps predominantly accessed on mobile devices


Source: comscore.com

Facebook remains right at the top when it comes to audience reach and monthly engagement. According to comScore figures, Snapchat seems to be catching up, but when combined with Instagram, Facebook appears to be unbeatable – for now.

Social media sites


Source: comscore.com

The findings are important in highlighting just how much more mobile-centric consumers have become. Advertisers and publishers need to be aware of this shift in consumer behaviour and cater content accordingly.

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