We are more receptive towards social advertisement on mobile devices

New research from eZanga has found that mobile device owners are most receptive towards social media advertisements, with 14-17 year-olds the most tolerant of mobile video ads.
We are more tolerant of social ads on mobile devices
Source: ezanga.com
Baby Boomers were the least likely to click on ads by accidents and 17% report using ad blockers. 56% of this age group doesn’t want human interaction after exposure to an ad and only 13% of Boomers watch a mobile video fully if it contains a celebrity. 60% of those aged 45+ also found most ads to be redundant or repetitive.
Millennials remained more neutral in how they viewed mobile ads with 47% showing no strong like or dislike responses. 20% will click on sponsored content and 20% believe ads are relevant to their interests.
However, Millennials aren’t particularly fond of pop-ups with just 4% happy to open them.
37% of all respondents were likely to click on sponsored content, with 14-34 year-olds the most receptive (41%). 37% of those above the age of 45 never click on sponsored content. 83% of ad block users view sponsored content negatively as it masks itself as original content. Millennials felt the least negative about sponsored content, with 48% saying they even felt positive.
When it comes to mobile video, YouTube is the platform of choice, with 28% using it as a main source for video consumption. Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat scored lowest for mobile video consumption with just 6%. 33% said they viewed mobile video ads 1-5 x per week to completion. Those aged 14-24 are watching even more, with up to 10 mobile video ads per week, whilst Boomers are unlikely to ever complete video ads.

The format of the video ad matters greatly as 14% of 14-17 year-olds are less likely to skip tutorial-type video content. Humour is another great way to capture a larger audience, say 30%. At 13%, Boomers are the most receptive towards celebrity video ads.

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