Want to build a native app? It may take up to 18 weeks, according to new data

Andy Boxall | October 21, 2015

App Development

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App development company Nine Hertz has released a series of stats in infographic form, showing the amount of time needed to build an app from start to finish. At its heart, the data gathered by Nine Hertz says developers should allow up to 18 weeks to develop a native mobile app, breaking that figure down into 10 weeks for the back end, and a further eight weeks for the front end.

Nine Hertz estimates it takes 18 weeks to build a native mobile app

app dev time

Additionally, it also examines the number of hours that should be set aside for developing different types of apps. Starting with what it calls a simple app, it estimates 300 hours is the norm, rising to 600 hours for moderately complicated apps, 900 hours for multifaceted apps, and any amount of time beyond this for the most complex multifaceted apps.

Further data estimates the amount of hours needed to build specific mobile apps

app hours

It also makes an estimation of the cost involved in creating an app from scratch, covering research into features, expertise needed, and the average rate per hour. It comes up with a figure between $3000 and $8000 for a small, simple app, and anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000 for a mobile game.

Nine Hertz also looks at the estimated costs involved with developing an app

app costs

Beyond this, Nine Hertz also makes a few predictions about app development in general. It says the industry could be worth $76b at current growth levels by 2017, and that among other things, voice control and mobile customer service are features growing in importance, while contextual services remain a risky investment.

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