Vungle launches Self-Serve platform for mobile in-app advertisers globally

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. March 21, 2018

Vungle, the performance marketing platform for in-app video ads, just announced the global roll-out of its Self-Serve platform for advertisers. Mobile advertisers are now able to schedule the automated creation of ads.
Vungle says the global extension of the platform follows successful testing in early 2018. Through the Self-Serve platform advertisers gain access to the company’s global audience. They can schedule video content which is then auto-converted into various ad creatives.
The platform makes it easier to manage and measure campaigns from within a single dashboard.
Martin Price, Vice President of Product, Vungle, explained:

“Based on the success of our beta, we have a strong pipeline of advertisers eager to adopt the Self-Serve platform; we expect that the global availability of the platform will significantly increase the volume of customers on the Vungle platform. The Self-Serve platform puts the power of the Vungle performance marketing solution in the hands of advertisers of all sizes, essentially leveling the playing field for small and medium size brands around the world.”

The platform also incorporates support for languages including Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese, as well as English. Thus, advertisers based in these markets are able to optimise the reach of global audiences more effectively.
Vungle has also added seven new creative templates to ensure ad performance metrics such as CPI, CPA and ROAS are met.
During beta testing, the game developer and publisher XiMAD reported a 10% rise in conversion rates and a 30% lift in installs.

“The Self-Serve Platform is extremely convenient and improves our normal workflows. We now have options to change bids and budgets in minutes,” said Irina Nailvaykina, marketing manager at XiMAD. “With Vungle’s offering, we can instantly manage our blacklists, and can change optimizations whenever we want.”