Vungle expands into China, partners With Chukong Technologies

Vungle, an ad network that focuses on mobile video advertising, has announced its partnership with Chinese mobile entertainment platform Chukong Technologies. The aim of the partnership is to allow app developers in China to build, distribute, analyse performance and monetise their games more easily.
Vungle brings their video ad capabilities to 400,000 app developers already on the Chukong platform, where it will help them to navigate the ever-growing Chinese app economy. The two companies coming together is part of Chukong’s new program called Cocos Services, along with its open-source Cocos2d-x game engine. Chukong’s game engine will be optimised for Vungle’s tools, allowing app developers to use their user acquisition and monetisation services.
Zain Jaffer, Vungle’s founder and CEO, had this to say:

“The app economy is booming in China, and we’re excited to be partner with Chukong to make sure that developers have access to all the tools they need to create sustainable app businesses. We’re proud to be one of the first of Chukong’s partners, and look forward to empowering the Chinese developer community.”

Lei Zhang, US General Manager of Chukong Technologies, said:

“Cocos Services fills the growing need for developers to integrate all the technology they need to make their games successful with the least difficulty. Our partners represent the finest service providers in each of their fields, and Cocos Services has made access to these industry-leading technologies easier than ever.”

China has over 700 million active smartphone users and this continues to grow at a rapid pace, but a problem comes with that too: there are thousands of devices out there. Developers seeking to acquire users and monetise their apps are finding it difficult to get their content out to all of the different mobile formats. The second problem is that video ads are expensive and there’s currently not enough supply in the Chinese market to meet demand. Through combining its video ad capabilities with the Chinese footprint of Chukong Technologies, Vungle hopes to solve both of these problems.
For more information, check out Vungle’s website here, or the Vungle profile on our directory. 

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