Vserv’s mobile marketing platform gets smarter, using data to drive 5X better results

Andy Boxall | December 8, 2014


Vserv Logo
Vserv has struck a number of new partnerships with telcos, apps and offline partners in order to power its newly announced ‘Smart Data’ marketing platform.
The idea behind Vserv’s new offering is to draw upon ‘big data’ in order to increase the likelihood of relevant ads being shown to mobile users. Smart Data combines Vserv’s database of more than 500 million unique user profiles with “petrabytes” of data gathered from partnerships with networks, including Vodafone, Airtell, and Mobifone. This, Vserv says, should help improve campaign results for advertisers. The marketing firm also claims its data-sharing partnerships with global networks are unique in the industry.
Test campaigns have yielded strong results, according to Vserv. One carried out by a mobile top-up firm saw an impressive five-times increase in conversion rates when using Smart Data algorithms.
Co-founder and CEO of Vserv, Dippak Khurana, had this to say:
Dippak Khurana

“The businesses of tomorrow will all operate on the simple premise of data – and the smarter that data, the sharper the results will be. We estimate the Smart Data opportunity entailing ecommerce, in app purchases, mobile operators, and mobile advertising to be a $260bn industry currently, across emerging markets alone. Vserv is uniquely positioned to spearhead this revolution and our aim is to have 1.2 billion unique user profiles by 2016.”

By aggregating the ever-increasing amount of data, Vserv uses its algorithms to match user profiles with key attributes – prepaid balance, location, and age of device, for example – then creates a continuously updated persona around this information. Each profile can then be matched with campaigns relevant to the user’s needs.
Vserv is based in Mumbai, India, but has offices all over the world. India is the company’s largest market, followed by Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. You can find out more over on the Vserv company profile, or through its revamped website.

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