Vserv introduces its own native mobile ad platform, Aqua Native

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Mobile advertising network Vserv has been watching the industry around it adopt native mobile ads, and is announced its own offering named Vserv Aqua Native. Powered by the Vserv Smart Data platform, it’s designed to show ads which suit the environment in which they’re displayed, whether it’s inside an app or on a mobile website. According to its research, 25% more consumers notice native ads, and can result in four times the click-through rate.
According to Vserv, Aqua Native can deliver 5760 different permutations of an ad to be displayed on an app or site. Matched with its Smart Data platform, Vserv’s Aqua Native platform aims to make the overall consumer experience more relevant, and therefore more effective.
Vserv’s take on native mobile ads
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Vserv says mobile native ads have a 57% higher click-through rate than desktop native ads, which results in 33% more ad engagement time from the user. Additionally, 52% of mobile users are more likely to engage with a native advert, and 38% believe sponsored content adds value to the overall app experience.
In wider market research, Vserv shows what marketers wish to achieve through the use of native ads. Only 17% look to increase loyalty or lead generation, while 24% use them for customer acquisition and thought leadership. Finally, 34% look for purchase intent, and 54% employ native ads for brand affinity.
To learn more about the company, visit Vserv’s profile here.

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