More VR and plenty of new features in Unity 5.4 release


The latest version of Unity has been released, after having been announced earlier this year, and it’s ready to download now. It’s version 5.4 and Unity promises that due to an extensive beta testing period, the platform “delivers the highest level of quality and stability.”

Unity 5.4 has been released with new features

Unity 5.4

There’s a huge array of new features, so here are the highlights:

  • Graphics and rendering have been improved with better multithreaded rendering, fewer GPU Instancing draw calls, and improved low level graphics features.
  • More multiplatform VR support built-in.
  • Better VR performance.
  • New sizing controls, new trigger modules, and better lighting options for greater customisation.
  • Support for Apple’s Retina displays.
  • Amazon Appstore in-app purchasing support
  • Updated analytics with heatmaps, lifestream, and advertising data.
  • Performance Reporting is now part of the editor, and has 1-click activation.

Unity has gone into considerably more detail regarding the new features on its own blog here, but if you want to jump straight in and download Unity 5.4, you’ll find it here.

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