Vita Yemtsova, Senior Client Relationships Manager at Hexcan Talks Mobile User Acquisition

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Posted: August 12, 2016

Vita Yemtsova is a Senior Client Relationships Manager at Hexcan, with a long record in International Sale and Client Service. Mobile advertising space always seems like the best workplace for Millennials, well at least for me. And as the online marketing industry continues to evolve at a fast pace, advertisers and publishers are looking for technology innovation, experience and a passion for driving results I realized that this niche will be a good sequel of my personal development and professional life improvement. 

What is Hexcan and how are you positioned in the market?

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Hexcan is a quite young mobile user acquisition platform but that is not a benchmark for any preconceived opinions. On the contrary that means that young enthusiastic team is eager to built a strong company that will provide best quality service and help to have only profitable days in your business life, that means that every chain of this strong team is ready to work hard to meet the clients’ expectations since i guess this is one of the major criteria for your work assessment. There are a lot of affiliates on this market and every day their number only grows so that means that you cannot be just an ordinary one, you will have to do your best to get the best offers with best prices and to suggest them to your clients. You will also need to find good traffic for these offers to satisfy the advertisers’ needs. So you have to be very flexible, accurate and quick of course, there is no time for any delays. And that is where you need motivated inspired people who will find the newest applications and best users for them.
What types of clients do you work with?
We work with different clients – advertising agencies some networks if they stick to our demands from one side and and direct publishers who have their own applications and websites and also media buyers on the other. This is a really hard work to draw the necessary attention to every party and to make our cooperation profitable in both ways. It takes a lot of strength to find the appropriate pub for each advertiser and vice versa the right offers for a certain pub.
What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
As for geographies, well, for sure the most popular are Tier1, Europe, IN, MY, KR, BR. But for sure we will try to find the traffic for all the offers no matter which geo they are for since we are interested in getting expanded possibilities which lead to the fact that we will be able to create and perceive all the opportunities to satisfy greater number of participants.
Hexcan mobile user acquisition platform
Hexcan mobile user acquisition platform
What are your main tips for successful mobile app marketing?
Personally I believe, if you want to be a leader you have to be quick, flexible and attentive. Especially when something is going wrong. You have to understand the cause of what is going on and nothing should distract you form responding fully to the needs of the moment and your client. There should be an accurate understanding of possible effects. Be always one step ahead of the rest. The competition is really harsh. You should not lose the focus on the mainstream. If you need offers you need to find the best ones with the highest payout, if you need publishers you have to find the direct one to be able provide the best traffic. And do not lose your time since someone else can already set with them up.
What do you think about video ad format and do you think it has a potential to replace regular image banner completely?
As for video ad format it is just another way of going ahead in this field. I do not think that it will totally replace it since there are also some disadvantages and now some people are syaing that only five-second video ads should be turned into an industry standard. But this is quite new path so there will be a lot of lingering questions. Will advertisers and publishers pay more attention to consumer behavior and annoyance hereby improving the relationship in both ways?
Speaking from your company’s experience, what type of targeting (geo / device / interests / so on) is in the highest demand?
I guess so far geo and device is in the highest demand but that is just because of the lack of the tools to target by other criteria. So whenever you are ready to remove the other limits that prevent you from getting more success among clients with such demands of different types of targeting then do not waste you time and implement new opportunities into you profitable future.
As of now Android platform strength for app owners is in reach and volume, the iOS platform is the one to bring higher revenues to developers. Do you think it’ll continue to be the case?
The world already is separated into iOS Hemisphere and Android one. Every side has its pros and cons. The most important thing that we have bigger market due to diverse products on it.
What kind of people work with you in the team at Hexcan?
Hexcan is a family with upbeat, creative, open-minded, ambitious, detail oriented, responsible, considerate people.
What mobile devices do you use personally?
As for me personally, I have an Android but it is not a benchmark for anything.
What are your favorite apps?
There are so many apps now that it is difficult to say what is the best one, everything depends on your interests, hobbies, plans for the weekends, mood eventually. As for me it’s Telegram, Hay Day and Facebook.
What do you think about IoT as a platform for developers to go into? Do you own any sensors installed in your home to make it smart?
Everything is moving forward, nothing stays at the same place while the time flies. IoT is a greenfield market. Internet of Things has been identified as one of the emerging technologies in IT. But it will definitely change the way how we live and work. Everything that is new-born is foreseen to make the thing better so there is no obstacles to investigate this field. So far i do not have any sensors installed in my home but it is the matter of time. As soon as i have it then for sure I will install them.

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